Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Man For All Seasons (Author: Robert Bolt)

The Blurb from The Book Depository:

"Robert Bolt's classic play about Thomas More, the Catholic saint beheaded by Henry VIII at the birth of the Church of England."

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My Thoughts on A Man For All Seasons:

When you read a play at school and it stays with you for life, that indeed says something.

Magnificent writing by Robert Bolt brings to life, in a wonderful and tangible way, the story of an honourable man who refuses, for the good of his very soul, to bow to almost unbearable pressure. Bolt's play was then beautifully brought to the screen with Paul Schofield playing Sir Thomas More and an extremely young John Hurt as the duplicitous Richard Rich. Superb play; superb casting; superb movie.

Nobody who reads the play, and hopefully then sees the movie, can ever forget More's last words - and forgive me if I am here somewhat less than verbatim - "Friend, be not afraid. You send me to God. He will not refuse one who is so blyth to go to him", or, indeed, the wearisome resignation and exasperation behind the simple line, "Oh, sweet Jesus, these plain, simple men".

This is one of those gems that you reach for when you want to be reminded of just how much pleasure is given by a true wordsmith. Marvellous stuff - I still feel the same thrill about this book as I did way back at high school, and that's a long time ago.

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